Our Condolences

by Genosha

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Our Condolences


released December 5, 2015

Joel Chamberlain- vocals
JR Whorton- drums, backing vocals
Daniel Fitzgerald- guitar, backing vocals, bass
Travis Daniels- guitar, backing vocals. bass
Recorded, mixed and mastered by JC at Raw Recording



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Genosha Virginia

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Track Name: Consider Yourself Amputated
People never change only circumstances. Neither one of us meet the standard in this world or any other. What we once were informs all we become. You may have been the one to murder the bonds and bridges binding and between us but it was I who cremated the cadavers to deter perverse undead resurrections and relapses of what was once the most beautiful mistake. I'm not any worse. You're no better. We spill out our souls and shine the sparks. May they be beacons when our days are dark. This is not a threat. This is a guarantee. There will be no warning shot but here's a warranty. Our hearts are on our sleeves and our hands are torches. Take this sickness from me and take me from this sickness.
Track Name: Awakening And Onward
Behold the maiden by her design and function. Dormant romance rings of embers in a blizzard. Now I step forward to realize this wish. As I break the barrels and crush the crates and climb upon this stained-glass staircase. From a straight hit with a twisted stick to a key fit for a kingdom. There will be times when we have to fight but hold me now for just tonight. This is for real. Don't be afraid. As my dreams lay beside me. Whatever tomorrow consists of is a little later on
Track Name: Virginia Is For Lovers
My dreams will come true when your nightmares come to life. From my back to your heart I address this knife. Plenty of fish left in the sea. Hook line and sink her until she drowns. I finally figured out it hurt a lot less not to care. There is no 'I' in team. There is a 'me' though if you jumble it up. Don't put all of your eggs into one basket. Don't count your chickens before they hatch. Although you look lovely lying in a casket you looked much better with your head attached. Same story different pen. You'll end where I began. I'll sweep you off your feet and empty the dustpan in the trashcan. How dare you accuse me of stealing your heart when you already sold your soul
Track Name: Comfortitude
We may bleed forever but we will not die from bleeding. Nothing can stop us now and we are not retreating. And you can bet on that. I may fall to the ground but I'll get back up. Those who dream of my downfall are shit outta luck. Once in a blue moon we will break but over our dead bodies will we ever bend and in the event that we should break we'll just put ourselves back together again. I'll break a leg when I fall through the trapdoor. Please don't misunderstand our cause for alarm. This ain't no cry for help its a call to arms. No matter how great the weight we'll always stay strong. Once we show it they will begin to notice. Prove them wrong and carry on
Track Name: Pyramid Scheme
Our proof is not in use instead its on the shelf and we've been given enough rope to hang ourselves. Beauty is as ugly does. I'm not who you thought I was. Before we can put this back together, we must rip it apart. They line their pockets with wooden nickels well spent. You will get what's coming to you. We are not garden variety. We are not run of the mill. Birds of a feather diamonds cut diamonds. So disconnected but at least we're trying. I'll rest when I'm dead meanwhile I'll burn. The quick get ahead the early bird gets the worm. Insist on training when actually swift. Beware of Ulysses when he bears his gift. Peddle your wares somewhere else. This cartoon commerical is a remade rerun.