Our Contempt

by Genosha

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All songs by Genosha except Track 9(based on a Tom Petty Song)
Recorded and mixed by John Morand at Sound Of Music Studios In Richmond, VA
Mastered by Bryan Walthal at 3rd Floor Studios
Artwork by Mark De Gruchy at Landmind Design
Bandcamp release date: 10/17/16
Physical release date: 10/22/16
Published on Cdbaby(itunes, spotify, etc): 10/31/16


released October 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Genosha Virginia

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Track Name: Island Nation
Sever your tongue of silver with a dagger of steel. Lose your voice as you've lost your mind and heart in all things of worth. Just a bleating lamb with the facade of a fierce wolf. No more speaking bold words absent any purpose as you run a rat race in a hamster wheel. You're obsessed with your reflection. You're possessed by your possessions. The tide can't be delayed by grains of sand. Spare me your excuses. Spare me your alibis. Only results matter to me. I will bend over backwards until my spine snaps. Your indifference is my outrage. Lift not a finger for me, lift it for those who are in need.
Track Name: Mutant Renegades (featuring Palmer Gross of 3:33)
We have felt the agony of hearts ripped from sundered chests, yet here we stand no strangers to misfortune. We will not bend beneath the whims of the worthless who position themselves as gods. This stings my eyes and burns my throat, but I won't be blind nor will I choke. Give it all you got just to get ahead. When the going gets tough, just get tougher. Come forth, strike strong and swiftly. Take heart, overcome the world. Now is not the time for gentle words or soft intent. With might and main, wreak havoc on a warpath.
Track Name: With Thunderous Applause
An instigator of imagined injustice. A schizophrenic contrarian is the role you play. You have a knack for twisting facts but you're so inconsistent. Stop pointing fingers at everyone else and take a look at yourself. Integrity may be subjective but it is never situational. Fundamental attribution error does not apply. I'm cutting through all clouds surrounding you. I'd expect nothing less than a storm. This may be contagious after continued exposure but I will keep my distance from the likes of you. I could draw you a map of all the places you went wrong, but you lost your compass at a pit stop along the way. My actions will always speak louder than your words. Your pen will never be as mighty as my sword.
Track Name: If I Slap A Bear
You were once a ray of light in a house marred by shadow but it was only a moment, no notice given or taken. You're even sicker than the secrets you keep. You picked my bones clean but I'll reclaim my flesh. There I died and here I was born, a monster rough hewn by unfortunate events. Feast on rock and mud, wash it down with your own blood. Villain over victim any day of the week. I'd paid the sum of the world to have your throat within my grasp and I won't rest while you draw breath. A coward dies a thousand deaths, if only you had more than one life to take. You will bleed out from a thousand weeping wounds. I'll be the last one laughing loudest all the way to the bank. Insides exposed, long overdue.
Track Name: Irregardless (featuring Garrison Case of The Donalds)
There are things in us that we ourselves have lost. Ignite the ember. Not a single one of us is without worth. Give it breath, give it tinder. If a beast can't be tamed, it must be unleashed. Press beyond position. A difficult task on such short notice, yet carried to completion. The same hammer that shatters glass forges steel, but first you must temper it fire. So what are you what are you waiting for? Look for the lost, search for the strays. Walk without wear, run without rest. The way may seem hidden but the cause has not been forgotten. Do you not know? Have you not heard? Strength to the weary, power to the weak. Its a not safe zone but its an open door. Off the top of my head. On the tip of my tongue. From the bottom of my heart. At the top of my lungs.
Track Name: PHD In Prostitution
Don't kid yourself. You're only dancing to the yank of strings until they form a noose around your neck. There is no profit in gaining the world if you lose your soul in the process. Idle in a life dangling from a fraying thread, to be tethered or to be severed. You have a tongue for overripe embellishment and you give it false to gain advantage. Stir the grass, startle the snake. When the serpent rears its head to strike, cut it off or succumb to its venom.
Track Name: Cell Phone Diaries (featuring Adam Alig of Sundrainer)
Absence may make the heart grow fonder but it puts the mind in a state of wander. I can find an ideal within a flaw but I can't make those bricks without any straw. The time has come to take a stand. Either clench your fist or hold my hand. Do we hold on or do we let go? Do we go against the grain or with the flow? You said I killed you, haunt me then. May you not rest as long as I am living. Ignoring every effort disregarding all attempts. The embrace so familiar that it breeds contempt. I've made a mistake and I don't think its a glitch. Why should I scratch your back when you just make mine itch. Forever is not too late. Just say the word, I can wait.
Track Name: The Sunny Side Of Corruption
Should you receive a proper burial, it will be in the grave that I climbed out of. You know you brought this on yourself. I've been trying to tell you. There's not enough of your heart left to love anyone. There's not enough of your heart left for anyone to love. The words tried and almost don't matter here. That's what you get for thinking foolishly that you were capable of killing me. I've taken your eyes, ears and tongue. Even in death, you are blind, deaf and dumb. I relish each stage of your decay and I flourish further as you decline.